We help win 
planning permissions 

We specialise in advising on and winning planning consents for small and medium-sized projects.


We have been local government officers ourselves, and elected councillors, so we know how the system works.


Our proven expertise helps our clients make the right decisions and win the day.

The services we provide

Business Meeting

Planning Advice

When you want to know how to proceed, we can find out if planning consent could be achieved for a particular site you have in mind, and if so for what kind of development.

We'll research the variety of planning policies that apply to your site and the network of people that could influence the outcome. We'll also give you our recommendations and an action plan for getting what you want.

We are on your side. That's why our advice to you will be totally unbiased and impartial, so you can make the right decisions for you and your project.

from £500

Planning Applications

When you've decided to make an application, we will help prepare a planning application that maximises your chances of winning.

Includes a review of the planning policies that apply to your site, liaison with your local council planning officers, plus coordinated preparation and submission of the required application documents and the production of a suggested post-submission influencer engagement action plan.

We will help find the often hidden ways to win your planning permission, even if you have already suffered a setback or a refusal.

from £1500

Planning Travels
Team Meeting

Planning Advocacy

We can help persuade the right decision makers, and those that influence them, that your application should be approved.


Includes lobbying of elected councillors and engagement with planning officers and other key influencers as appropriate.

We have spent years working in local government, so we know how the planning system operates. We'll make sure we speak to the right people, in the right way, so your application can be successful.


from £500

Showing an Apartment

The benefits for our clients

​By finding out the true chances of achieving planning permission, we have helped our clients spot genuine bargains, negotiate better prices and avoid costly purchase mistakes.


By driving forward an expert plan of action, we have helped many people to achieve first-time permissions and guided others to win their resubmissions and appeals.

What people are saying about us

"What a brilliant day. Thanks Simon so much for helping us get our planning consent through for another site.


You've done a great thing yet again. You are one of the good people.


I totally respect what you do and how you've helped us."


Dean R.



"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get our planning consent.


Now our disabled son will be able to have his own home here, with us nearby. We'll be able to keep an eye on his wellbeing. This will make such a positive difference to his life and to ours.

Your advice and support have made all this possible. We are so grateful."

Malcolm and Barbara R.

"I can't say just how grateful we are for the critical advice you have given us over our planning application.


All we wanted to do is provide jobs and some decent retirement properties and revitalise the area. You have guided us through the objections we previously received and helped us get access to the right people at the Council.


You have unlocked so many doors for us and we are looking forward to making our development plans a reality. Thanks again."

Will and Kathryn S.

"I have worked as a property finder for years and have been more than happy to recommend Planix.UK to my clients.


Simon and his team have been able to provide excellent advice and support to anyone needing or even just thinking about planning permission.

They have been instrumental in projects from multi-million-pound commercial property ventures to small residential self-build sites. Planix are really helpful."

Laura Johnstone, Greengrass Property

Relaxed Businessman

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